This one day of discovery is made for those who want to try freediving before they decide to enroll onto the full course, The Level 1.

Thanks to the basic knowledge such as physiology, breathing, rescue and relaxation, you will get a better understanding of what is freediving.


The practice sessions of breathing, relaxation and dry static apnea together with the open water session will give you the first sensations of a freediver.


You will see that is much more natural and safe than it apears to be and how it could be a great help whatever you practice is, whether it is snorkeling, diving, surf, swimming… or just if you want to relax your body and mind after work.

Theory session (1h)

- equipment

- physiology 

- breathing for freediving

Breathing and relaxation session (1h)

- how to breath before and after each dive

- how to relax body and mind

- Dry static breath hold (apnea)

Swimming-pool or confined water session (1h)

- static breath hold (apnea)



Theory session (1h)

- compensation

- safety and buddy sistem

Open water session (2h)

- free immersion up to 8-10m

- compensation

- duck dive

- constant weight with fins

- buddy system and rescue procedures

Snorkeling using freediving techniques (1h)


PRICE: 120 

(included equipment, swimming-pool, certification y diving insurance)

                                *not included: Snack 

                                *don't forget your swimsuit, towel and bottle of water!

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